Rye Police Aid In Arrest Of Burglary Suspects

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Klodian Gjeka, 19, was arrested in Harrison after police said he was fleeing the scene of a White Plains burglary. Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Harrison Police Department
Joland Gjeka, 16, was arrested in the Bronx by Harrison police in connection with a White Plains burglary. Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Harrison Police Department
Petrit Abazi, 19, was arrested by Harrison police in connection with a White Plains burglary. Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Harrison Police Department

HARRISON, N.Y. -- Three suspects in a White Plains burglary were arrested in Harrison Tuesday afternoon, according to police.

White Plains police responded to an interrupted residential burglary on Devonshire Drive in White Plains at 12:02 p.m. on Tuesday and put out a hotline message to the county within five minutes, according to Harrison police. While responding to the area, Harrison police stopped a car that matched the description of the suspect vehicle, and which matched the description of a car that had previously been seen leaving locations of residential and commercial burglaries throughout Westchester County. 

The driver of the car was identified as Klodian Gjeka, 19, of the Bronx, police said. White Plains police advised that two additional suspects had fled the burglary on foot and were at large. After an investigation the two suspects were identified as Joland Gjeka, 16, and Petrit Abazi, 19, both of the Bronx, according to police reports. Harrison police investigated the incident with officers from White Plains, Rye and Mount Pleasant, and search warrants were issued and executed for their homes. The two suspects were arrested late Tuesday at 843 Fox Street in the Bronx. 

All three are being held on charges of burglary and fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property, which are both Class E felonies. Police said additional felony charges are expected.

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Comments (2)

Peonie Bob:

These criminals could have been responcible for a lot of missing stuff. These Albanians are some tuff charectors.There just not scared of anything. I feel sorry for the inmates when they check in to the big house.I'm sure a not guilty plea will be givin and they will get off because of intimitation of the judge and jury by strong arm forces. This new wave of organized crime from Albania is scarey stuff. Our great country's children are soft and weak for the most part and are easy picking for these scrappy goats. I thank and pray for the saftey of our Police Officers and Detectives in this respectable fight against really bad bad guys. Merry Christmas!


I'm really glad these 3 young lil creeps finally got caught stealing peoples prized possessions that that the victims had worked very hard to earn. The problem with this too young generation or shall I call them the give me give me generation. They don't believe they should have to work hard to live, they just expect things to be given to them. Just so rediculous. Do they not realize you can't keep reprinting money as the fed has been doing that's why the value of our dollar is becoming less and less. When I was growing up a $20 was a lot. Now its like a $5 or $10 depending what your getting and where you are. These youth need to learn to work from the bottom way up. My cousins unfortunately were one of their victims, I'm just happy they weren't hope so no violence incurred.