Rye Building Super Accused of Bestiality

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Photo Credit: Luke Lavoie

RYE, N.Y. -The superintendent of a Rye Colony building was arrested last week and charged with burglary and sexual misconduct in what the Westchester District Attorney's Office confirmed was a case of bestiality.

Kujtim Nicaj, 41, of 58 Peck Ave., was arraigned Feb. 9 on charges of second degree burglary, a felony, and sexual misconduct, a misdemeanor. According to the district attorney's office, the sexual misconduct Nicaj was charged with involves improper conduct with an animal or dead human body.

Nicaj is the super of a Rye Colony building. Residents received a notice on Tuesday from Barhite and Holzinger, the Bronxville-based management company, saying the super had been abrubtly releived of his duties and cited extraordinary circumstances.

Mike May, the property manager for Rye Colony, said Thursday night that he visited Rye Police on Monday to confirm rumors that Nicaj had been charged with illegally entering an apartment. May said the superintendent was immediately terminated.

May said all of Nicaj's keys were removed from the property. He said he Nicaj lived there with his wife and two children.

Nicaj was released on $100,000 bond and is due back in Rye City Court on March 6.

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“ …I believe in Jesus Christ and in US Justice”, Mr. Kujtim Nicaj said. “Kujtim” means “Remembrance”, “Memory” in Albanian
- “ … We feel like died living people “ his wife stated

- By Alban Dega, Rye, New York

Everything in this dirty story is made up by a sick mind and a failure lawyer to got same money and to destroy the life and the reputation of a honest and working hard man as Mr. Kujtim Nicaj is well-known by everybody who has contact with him.
Nicaj family is a very traditional and honorable Roman catholic family from North Albania. They were brutally persecuted by former communist dictatorship in Albania. Mr. Kujtim's father Mr. Mach Nicaj was arrested, tortured and sent in a former communist prison and concentration camp for many ... many years.
He and the rest of the family were deprived from most essential human rights and were treated as slaves by former secret police, Sigurimi i Shtetit, a former communist dictatorship SS.
He have worked hard during many years here in USA realizing his American dream,
He have a very beautiful wife and kids. He didn’t needed to sexually assault neither sodomize the "girl friend" or the " wife "- the dog of a failed and sick mind lawyer without a family, in a full crises.
It’s a pure dirty invention and conspiracy to get some money at any price and to ruin a honest and honorable family.
The big noise of the local and national media is a shame and is orchestrated just to sale their sensations and dirty stories. This sensational media is killing his beautiful and innocent kids in a very similar way the former communist regime kills Mr, Kujtim Nicaj and his family during almost half century back in Albania. They lost the only fount of incomes, the job of their father. They lost the home. They would lost very soon even their schools.
Due to that noise Mr. Kujtim, Nicaj was fired from his job. He was fired from his home. He lost everything before his culpability is proved by the Court of the Law, what it’s a brutal violation of his human rights.
“Every person is presumed innocent until his culpability is proven by the the Court of Law”, it’s a sacred sentence of US Justice system.
When I have asked for a comment from Mr, Kujtim Nicaj he was very firm. “ No comment! I believe in US justice and in US law! I put my family, my kids, myself lives in the hands of this great democratic country. I am sure the US justice would clean my name, my reputation“ he said, adding “ I know I am innocent, because never ever I haven’t committed any violation of law. I was working so hard that I don’t have time to bee involved in atrocities created by sick and criminal mind people. I am convinced Jesus Christ would be with my family, with my friends and with myself. He know better than anybody what I did and who I am … I believe in Jesus Christ and in the US Justice! May God bless them… Amen !”
“Every person is presumed innocent until his culpability is proven by the Court of Law”, he stated in the same time that two tears go down his face, a very rear act by any North Albanian man even in the worse and most sad moments of his life.
I hope God would see even his tears and the pain of his two young beautiful girls and his pretty wife who looks ruined and very, very sad. They cry in a very similar way their father and her husband has passed a way.
After I asked his wife about this bad invented story she said “ A believe Kujtim is innocent. I believe Jesus Chirst and US Justice would bee with us in these hardest times of our life. Even the death is more easy for us… We are killed in the worse possible way by that Evil mind person and even more by the Media…”
” How they could forget that ’ everybody, even the worse criminal in the World is presumed innocent until his culpability is proven by the Court of Law‘… As a mother and as spouse, I couldn’t forgive the hard wounds they opened to my innocent daughters and to my honest husband. We feel like died living people.” .

I really think this is NOT news worthy of this site. Gratuitous,salacious and just inappropriate.Im not sure Id be interested in it if I WERE in Rye.Im in CT and I really dont get why Im seeing it.

Literally, huh!

First we get French and all his shenanigans with his improper STAR Exemptions and building code violations.

Then we have Pickup and Wilson apparently being unethical before, during and after the board of ethics meeting.

And now this.

Rye is really going to the dogs.