Robin Williams' Suicide Sparks Conversation About Depression In Westchester

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In light of the death of Robin Williams by suicide, Rob Astorino reminded Westchester residents of the resources available to those in need.
In light of the death of Robin Williams by suicide, Rob Astorino reminded Westchester residents of the resources available to those in need.

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- In light of the death by suicide of Robin Williams, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino took the chance to remind residents of the resources available to them. 

“Westchester has excellent mental health resources available in a crisis and for the long term,” Astorino said in a statement. “Help is just a phone call away for residents who feel overwhelmed or who believe someone close to them is at risk.” 

Resources include:

“We can all help prevent tragedies in our own communities by learning to recognize and take seriously the signs of depression,” County Health Commissioner Sherlita Amler, MD said in a statement. “Subtle signs include withdrawal from family, friends and activities that were previously enjoyed or an increased use of alcohol or drugs. While some who are suicidal say they wish they were dead, talk about wanting to hurt themselves, or die or express hopelessness, not all do. However, talk like this should never be brushed aside.”

For additional information contact the Department of Community Mental Health at (914) 995-5225.

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I have dealt with depression on several levels in my family, including myself. I am currently and faithfully taking meds under medical supervision. To me the secret, and it is hard, is to recognize the problem, treat it and be open about it. On several occasions when people ask how I'm, doing I have no hesitation disclosing my problem, and telling them my meds seem to be working. I then ask them to keep an eye on me for signs of regression. I therefore have a cadre, understanding my problem and acting as a Board of Directors to monitor my problem. Depression, as with mania, are physical problems and must be openly discussed and dealt with. No one is ashamed of, say high cholesterol; same for depression, or mania.

Understanding is what all people need and most of us don't care if one is mentally ill. They usually run. When people ask how you are doing most of us do not tell the truth cause when you say "not well" most people don't want to hear your problems cause everyone has issues. To me suicide is a personal choice but it is those that are left behind that will experience the pain. Listen to people who tell you they are not feeling well and ask if you can help. Many people are depressed and suffer is silence cause the world really does not want to know unless you are being paid like a therapist. I have been depressed and right now I am manic caused by the hormone therapy I need to have to replace my lack of a thyroid.

He put a smile on a lot of faces during his life. Robin Williams made the word a happier place . Depression in a family member or friend should never be taken lightly.

He'd be glad that this was one of the responses, I think.