Men Deny Responsibility In Lauren Spierer's Disappearance

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Greenburgh native Lauren Spierer
Greenburgh native Lauren Spierer Photo Credit: Contributed

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- Attorneys for two men who were with Greenburgh native Lauren Spierer the night she disappeared from a bar near the campus of the University of Indiana in 2011 are denying that they should pay damages to the Spierer family, according to the Indianapolis Star.

Spierer's parents, Robert and Charlene, reportedly filed suit in June 2013 against students Jason Rosenbaum and Corey Rossman, alleging the two owed a "duty of care" to Lauren when she became intoxicated the night she disappeared.

Both men deny they had "control or right of control" over Spierer that night, according to the article.

The investigation into Spierer's disappearance is ongoing.

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There's no mention that after the bar, Lauren was back at her own apartment building. She is on camera unable to stand and incoherent, when Rossman scooped her up, dragged and carried her out to his own apartment building @ 2:30 am. For two hours this man, his roommate and a neighbor kept her at their separate apartments, two acknowledging her condition, yet not getting her help, medical or otherwise. Rosenbaum says he watched her leave alone at 4:30 am, with black eye from falls to concrete (witnessed), no shoes, no phone, into pitch black. Rossman who carried/dragged her has lost his memory according to his attorney.
They allege she was kidnapped. Her parents allege these men gave an underage girl alcohol way beyond her tolerance level, made no effort to care for her when it was obvious she was sick.
The parents want information from these two men who hired attorneys early on. They want to know what really happened to their daughter who did not make herself disappear.