Local Officials Rally In Defense Of Tesla Car Manufacturer

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Assemblyman David Buchwald, along with county legislators, mayors, councilmen and executives joined to speak out against the bill.
Assemblyman David Buchwald, along with county legislators, mayors, councilmen and executives joined to speak out against the bill. Photo Credit: Suzanne Samin

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. --- State and local officials congregated at the Tesla showroom in White Plains' Westchester Mall on Friday morning to take a stance against a controversial bill that could shut down the electric car manufacturer's showrooms across New York state. 

Assemblyman David Buchwald, along with county legislators Ken Jenkins and Peter Harckham, White Plains Mayor Tom Roach, Mount Kisco Mayor Michael Cindrich and White Plains Common Council members joined Tesla executives and other concerned parties in a press conference to discuss the adverse impacts of the bill.

Bill A.7844-A would end the dire­ct sale of Tesla’s cars in the state by mandating that vehicles in New York be sold exclusively through dealerships, outlawing automobile sales directly to the public - which is by in large how Tesla operates. New Jersey serves as the model for the legislation, having passed a similar bill in recent months. 

Buchwald said he believes the state should send a message that green and innovative companies that will create jobs are welcome here.

"Tesla has created 35 jobs in my district alone, and the current version of the bill being considered in the state assembly would shut down showrooms like this one," he said.

Jenkins (D-16) is a proud owner of a Tesla car and supports companies like Tesla. So much so, he is working on two pieces of legislation at the county level to improve vehicle charging infrastructure. One includes installing charging stations in county facilities and having county employees use electric hybrid vehicles, while the other would require all vehicles purchased by the county to be electric hybrid vehicles.

Roach, an owner of an electric car, spoke about the benefits of cars like Tesla's, and said he hopes White Plains becomes a hub for electric car owners. According to Roach, the City of White Plains has invested in electric car chargers in retail garages and its Metro-North train station, and will soon be installing them in apartment buildings.

Cindrich said he was pleased with Tesla's showroom and service center operations in his village, and would hate to see them shut down.

"I'm very supportive of our franchise dealers in Mount Kisco, but the keyword is compromise. They have to find a way to exist where Tesla can expand and grow," he said. "In our community, electric vehicles are becoming extremely popular. My daughter drives one, her husband does too. I'm very glad Tesla invested a great deal of money in our community." 



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Comments (6)

DrTate - that is the goal of our Governor, the Assembly and the Senate.

All they want are government jobs and Wall Street Bankers like Goldman, Merrill, JP Morgan who feed ($) their political coffers.

Look at the dealerships (jobs) they killed in the fake bankruptcies of GM and Chrysler. Who won the Unions, who lost you, me (our tax money for the buyouts) and the Bondholders.

Face it only us saps who cannot leave will bear the burdens of their socialist methods-

Read Ayrn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" for our future.

Can we stop driving businesses out of New York?! Between the taxes and the regulations, the only business that will be left in NY will be the over taxed gas stations.


Best car ever according to auto magazines. So let it be sold anyway Tesla chooses. I'm sure the gas companies and all the politicians they own are behind A.7844-A. Anything to kill a good thing especially if it runs on electric power.

Which member(s) of the Assembly introduced or proposed the Bill ?

How will that Assembly person benefit or who has contributed money to that person's election campaign ?

Where does Speaker Sheldon Silver on this matter ?

Where is our Governor Cuomo on this matter or is he ($) compromised too ?

The "Tucker" incident repeats itself; a car company comes along with a car so great, that big car companies try to kill it.